Do you ever – ever – do only one thing at a time anymore? I’m not sure I do. If I’m doing something, I’m thinking about something else. If I’m doing something else, I’m doing another something else at the same time. I doubt this works all that well, but I can’t seem to figure…

Why You Should Never Clean Your Office

I work from a home office. Really, I do work from a home office. And that home office is nearly always some unholy sinkhole of cluttered awfulness. There’re stacks on stacks. The stacks have married and bred little stacks. About 10 years ago, the cat took over a large portion of my desk and won’t…

The Cosmic Nut Roll

Most people have some kind of theory about where everything came from and where it’s going. Probably, for most people, this involves some kind of creation by some kind of higher power and some kind of universal destination, also guided by that higher power. I’m not a religious person, but I still have a theory….

Where I’d really like to live

I like odd street, road, or highway names. Up until now, my favorite one I ever saw was Wamble Road, off Highway 120 on the way to Yosemite from San Jose. Every time we passed the sign marking Wamble Road, my mind would start nattering, “Wamble Woad! Wamble Woad! I’m Elmer Fudd, and I live…

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