Hell Frozen Over?

Well, not quite that. It’s true that Oroville gets really hot in the Summer. My Accuweather APP on my cellphone has been know to say that the expected weather is “blazing sunshine.” It’s not Hell, but it gets really hot. Today, we got snow. This surprised me a lot. True, it wasn’t heavy snow, and…

Walking Around the Afterbay

We like to walk as nearly everyday as we can, and recently we found a new place for daily walks. We were doing a nice round in our neighborhood and nearby, but the dog situation around here seems way out of control. We like dogs, and we don’t mind getting barked at, but dogs are…

Rounding Summer and Sliding Into Fall

When we moved here from San Jose last March, we got a lot of dire predictions and alarming warnings about how hot and horrible Oroville was in the Summer.

Great Peach Innundation of 2014

Our new little home in Oroville has three fruit trees in a row at the back of the back yard. Early in spring, I could tell that two of them were peach or nectarine trees, but it beat me what the other one was. Delightful surprises unfolded as time passed.

Table Mountain

Probably the most prominent feature in or around Oroville is Table Mountain. It’s much more prominent than the dam. In fact, it’s hard to miss it. You just look over thata way and there it is – big flat mountain that looks like somebody sliced off the top portion, probably about halfway down. We heard…

Paradise Flume Trail

That even sounds nice, doesn’t it? Paradise Flume Trail. That’s been on our agenda since we moved to Oroville in March, and we finally made there last Wednesday. Getting There From Oroville It’s a nice little drive from Oroville to Paradise, up Highway 70 to Penz Road. We followed Penz Road to Dean Road and…

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