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Moose in the Tetons

Teton National Park

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We wanted to see moose, so we went South from Yellowstone to Teton National Park where we’d heard the moose hang out. We stayed at Gros Ventre Campground, and that was very nice. We totally got our moose-wish taken care … Read More
Grand Prismatic Spring


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We did an early morning wildlife tour to Lamar Valley in the yellow bus below. Isn’t that the cutest thing? Tour was great. We got to watch a big, black wolf for a long time through binoculars. Too far away … Read More

Glacier National Park

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Glacier is astoundingly beautiful. Not sure what I was expecting, but Glacier exceeded whatever that expectation was. We got some rain there, but it was mostly nice weather. We stayed at Many Glacier Campground in this park. Getting to the … Read More
Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

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The day we went to Rushmore was very cold and very windy. The cold part worked out fine for me, since there’s a bucketload of stairs to climb to the overlooks. I can huff up bucketloads of stairs much more … Read More
On the Road

On the Road

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They say that getting there is half the fun. Not sure I agree with that, but on this trip getting there was at least a quarter of the fun. We saw some truly amazing sights. Day Two Back on the … Read More

Sierras 2019

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In July of 2019, we went on a camping trip to the Sierras. We spent three nights at Eagle Lake, followed by three nights at Almanor South campground. Eagle Lake Best campground ever! I thought so last year, and this … Read More

Royal Princess 2019

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I think of this trip on the Royal Princess as “the cruise where we had the big, fat cabin.” We’ve always booked lower-end cabins (because we’re not rich and I’m cheap), but this time we had a mini suite. The … Read More
Bodega Head

Return to Bodega Bay

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We had such a nice time last year that we decided to return to Bodega Bay for another camping trip. Last trip, we stayed in the Bodega Dunes Campground, which is a State of California campground. This was okay, but … Read More

Hell Frozen Over?

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Well, not quite that. It’s true that Oroville gets really hot in the Summer. My Accuweather APP on my cellphone has been know to say that the expected weather is “blazing sunshine.” It’s not Hell, but it gets really hot. … Read More

Alaska Roadtrip on the Dalton Highway

Day One

The third day out on our trip, we got on board a small bus – or a large van – or whatever it was, and headed out on day one on the Dalton Highway. One of our first stops was … Read More


After spending the day in the bus, driving up the Dalton and eating some really good rhubarb pie that we got at Yukon Station, we spent the night at Coldfoot. Coldfoot is small and probably just chock full of cold … Read More

Day Two

Return to the Dalton Highway After an unspectacular breakfast at Coldfoot, we bailed back into the van to continue our trip on the Dalton Highway. There was a lot of catching up on things, people telling how they spent the … Read More
Glacier Bay

Other Nonsense


Do you ever – ever – do only one thing at a time anymore? I’m not sure I do. If I’m doing something, I’m thinking about something else. If I’m doing something else, I’m doing another something else at the … Read More

The Cosmic Nut Roll

Most people have some kind of theory about where everything came from and where it’s going. Probably, for most people, this involves some kind of creation by some kind of higher power and some kind of universal destination, also guided … Read More